Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autumn Chill

There is a bit of a nip to the air today. Yesterday we put the wood stove on for a couple of hours just to bring the temperature up at bit. It is such a good stove that we only put in three small pieces of wood, let them burn and then go out. House stayed warm for the rest of the day and through the night.
The trees have donned about ten percent of their fall colour so it will be a while yet before the leaves fall. We have friends coming on the 26th so I am really hoping there will be a nice show for them.
Yesterday was a bit sad as we honoured the memory of my Mom and Roger's sister. We each lit a candle at supper for them.
Our Christmas craft sale is Nov. 14th and I have paid for my table. I have started making some things for sale; just small stuff for the most part as I don't really know what people are looking for. Will also have some of my bread available.
We were out moving some rocks around today (our biggest crop) and doing more work on the rock garden. Everything is out of the garden except carrots and turnip and Roger has connected the heat to the pipes so we are ready for winter.
Hope your day brings at least one 'ahh' moment.

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