Friday, September 18, 2009


One of the things that Roger and I discussed when getting ready for our move to Ontario was whether or not we would have a pet. I have always had a dog or cat, and often both, in my home so It is usually not a question I have to consider. However, we had to have our dear Tascha cat put to sleep before moving and I didn't think I wanted to go through all that pain again. However, times does ease the sorrow and we began thinking about what kind of a dog we would get. Because of Roger's allergies and our much smaller home, a kitten was not a posibility.
In November, we saw an ad for westiepoo puppies and our choice was made. Heidi has since become a very important part of our home and a great joy after, of course, she learnt not to chew our books, shoes, record album covers or anything else that was in reach of her inquisitive nose.
It is the funniest thing to see my tall, manly husband walking with a ten pound, fluffy dog but if you see him, Heidi is usually right there. He takes her on the quad, for walks to the neighbours and back to the pond. She invariable comes in with her hair matted and filthy. She is very good natured about allowing me to brush her and trim her nails. Of course, the treat that comes after helps.
Our animal companions are an important part of our lives and, for quilters, our love for them shows up in our choices of fabrics and patterns. There are a lot of scottie applique patterns but not many pieced. I put together a simple one which I will share with you. Feel free to copy it or I can send you the instructions.

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