Monday, September 14, 2009


After returning from the quilt show on Saturday, which I really enjoyed, I started thinking about those women who are so dear to us that we consider them to be sisters.
I am fortunate to have two very dear and wonderful natural sisters who I consider to be friends as well as relatives. I also have a number of friends who I think of a sisters.
Ruth and Carol who I mentioned in my previous posts have been my spiritual sisters for many years. They have shared their lives, their support, their prayers, their tears and their encouragement. I would not be who I am today if they had not been in my life. Their faithfulness to me will have earnt them more than a few stars in their crown of life.
There have been many more women who I think of as sisters; some belong or used to belong to the Christian Motorcyclists Assoc. when I was a member, others are quilters, still others members of churches where I have attended.
We meet many people during our walk through this life. Some help us grow (unintentionally, I am sure) by creating problems, others by love and encouragement. If you have met and still know even a few of the latter, you are blessed.
To all the women I know , even if I have not physically met you (as is the case with my on-line friends), I thank you for sharing something of yourself with me. May every one you meet make your step lighter and your smiler brighter.
Bless you all.

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