Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday, was the Burk's Falls Quilt Groups regular meeting. It is so nice to be able to get together with people who share your interests and this is particularly true for quilters. We enjoy sharing our triumphs and helping each other. Conversations can include politics, local events and family as well as quilting. If you live in a smaller community, then a quilt group is especially important. I love being in my home but it is nice to get out of the woods and spend some time with other women. The group I belonged to in Edmonton was equally fun even though our city was large. We still shared each others joys, failures and burdens.
This photo is of a small decoration I am working on for our Christmas craft sale. The pattern is as follows: Cut 1 1/2" strips of fabric in three colours-red, green and gold is nice for Christmas. Sew the green and reds together and then cut into 1 1/2" sections. Sew sections together to make a block. Sew gold strip on the sides of the block. Cut a square of fabric equal to the size of your block and, placing right sides together, sew around 3 sides. Lightly stuff, sew opening closed and add a ribbon for hanging. A small button or other embellishment can be added to the middle of the block. Hang your decoration on a tree, add to a parcel or give a few as a stocking stuffer.
Happy sewing.

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