Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mother

Today is the first anniversary of my mother's death. Mom was 95 and, although weak in body, her mind and spirit were still as strong as always. It is a strange thing to lose a parent as so much of who you are is tied up in the ones who brought you into the world. My siblings and I are now orphans-if that word still applies when you are our ages. I am thankful to still have each of them and, although we live in two different countries, we are very close in spirit.

When a parent has a strong personality, I think it takes a while before you start recognizing the areas in which you are alike. I can certainly see many of her characteristics in each of us but I think those of which I am most proud is that we are honest, hard working and caring.

Mom didn't leave much in the way of earthly things but her legacy will live on long after the tangible things of others have rusted away. Mom's legacy is her family.

Today is also the anniversary of my husband's sister Karen's death. She left her family six years ago as a result of cancer and her memory will also remain strong. I have designed a quilt in her honour and the proceeds from the pattern sales are donated to fight ovarian cancer.

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