Monday, September 28, 2009


It's raining. Leaves are drifting past my window like crimson-hued butterflies.  As I watch them fall (pardon the pun), I started thinking about colours and how they affect us.  Would autumn be as glorious if the leaves turned grey?  Would we stop and stare at a monotoned rainbow?
My friend, Carol, phoned me yesterday and, while laughing, told me about some blocks she had made at my suggestion.    She had mentioned that she had trouble with colour choices and I advised her to do what someone had passed on to me; cut some blocks out of scraps and sew them together without preplanning or thinking about what went with what.  The result, she told me was a glorious (she didn't exactly use the word 'glorious' but I see them that way) mish mash.  Carol may not be able to use those blocks for anything more than a blanket for her pet but I don't think she would have got a chuckle from using a safe palette.
Colour has been proven to affect our mood, our ability to learn and how people perceive us.  I think it can also show how we see ourselves.  An insecure person may opt for plain colours, whereas someone who is outgoing (or at least wants to appear to be) may choose flashy geometrics.
Many people wear black and,  while it can look elegant, I think it is overdone.  The little black dress and pearls may be safe but it is boring, boring, boring.  If you really must wear black, why not add a vibrant scarf or jacket?  Better yet, don't you think you would feel happier in bright yellow, or red, or lime green?  Even better, wear them all at the same time.  People may laugh, you might even laugh yourself but doesn't the world need a bit more laughter and less taking ourselves so seriously.

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