Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Well Dressed Dolls

I have been working on making doll clothes today.  I always make an outfit to dress a doll for the fall fair, usually a dress.  this year I am doing something different.  I am doing a jump suit of purple fabric that has some glitter and then a cape to go over it.  Perfect for a winter's night on the town.
I have always enjoyed designing clothes and doing it for a doll is much easier - and cheaper that for myself.  Besides, just how many outfits can I use and it is highly unlikely that I will be needing much more than basic outfits with some nicer dresses for church.
I am still having problems with a sore mouth from the extractions and the bruising is very much evident so not going anywhere.  tomorrow, I go for a check up and I hope that there will be some marked improvement.
I must remember to weigh myself tomorrow to see if I have lost even a few ounces while on this, basically, liquid or mushy diet.  there is always a silver lining somewhere.
Hubby has started bringing our firewood closer to the house.  We are predicted to be getting more snow this winter so it will be easier if the means of keeping the house and ourselves is nearby.  I enjoy the 'getting ready to hunker down' feel of autumn.  Making preserves, filling the freezer, making sure drafts are dedrafted are all part of living in Canada and rural Canada in particular.

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