Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fabric Giveaway

It is still raining here and now in other parts of Ontario as well.  It is needed so badly on the farms and in our vegetable gardens so it is a very welcome sight.
I have had a productive day.  I have almost finished the customer quilt that is on my frame and just added the binding to my art quilt.  I had an odd situation while doing that.  I had cut four strips for the binding but only joined three which I sewed to the quilt.  As I was getting to the end of the last strip, I stopped to measure how much of the fourth strip needed to be added-and discovered that I didn't need any.  I had exactly enough left to join the two ends and finish sewing it on.  I don't know what the odds are of that happening but I haven't experienced it before.  I hadn't measured the quilt before cutting strips or, of course, I wouldn't have done the fourth one.  Weird.
I am going to be announcing the details of my next fabric giveaway later this week so you will want to watch for that.  It will be more of the fabulous Island Batik fabric.

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