Friday, August 5, 2016


Glad we got that tree down yesterday.  It is quite breezy today.  The first photo shows our friend and neighbour, Eric notching the base of the tree to help it fall in the correct direction.  There is also a chain tied to it and another tree to assist in the directional fall.  The second photo shows the tree starting to topple and Eric heading in the other direction right after he yelled 'Run'.  His son and another friend were at the tree the other end of the chain was tied around.  Hubby was around the other corner of the house and I was way, way back with the dog and camera.
We had a short but heavy rainfall earlier this afternoon and it is marginally cooler now.  Just a tiny bit but it helps.
I started assembling the pieces for my next Island Batik project.  I have the section on the design wall and I like the way it looks so far.  I will sew these sections onto some light fabric to make the top.  I did debate just laying in on the batting/backing sandwich but the sections will be zigzagged together and I don't want that showing on the back.

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