Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fabric Winner, Where are You and Now I have More.

Today, hubby and I share our 25th anniversary.  We aren't doing anything special today as I had a lot of teeth pulled yesterday and am pretty much restricted to swallowing pain pills and drinking liquids.  However, I did get a couple of pieces of nice jewelry and there is a yummy cheesecake cake waiting in the freezer for when we/I can eat it.  My gift to him was tickets to our local Country Jamboree.

I announced the winner of the fabric draw Saturday but still haven't heard from her.  Donna, you have two more days to get in touch and then I will have to draw another name.

Hubby went into the village today to do a few odds and ends and picked up the mail while there.  I had a nice parcel waiting.
My new shipment of Island Batik fabrics had arrived.  I have already thought of a project for the precut strips. 

The photo below is the centre of the block of the day quilt so many of us are struggling through.  I just have them on the design wall but am hoping they will encourage me to keep going.


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