Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Farms and Flowers

I have been out with my camera again.  The first two are flowers in my garden.  They all seem to be blooming so well this year despite the lack of rain.  I do go out and water them each evening but I don't think that takes the place of a good rainfall.
The bottom two photos were taken on a farm down the road from us.  I had driven by this tractor parked near the hay bales and kept thinking it would make a nice picture but always forgot to take the camera.  Today, I had to go out for a dental appointment, took the camera, and stopped on the way back.  Don't know if the property owners saw me but, if so, they didn't yell at me.  I always try to be careful to not include anything that would identify the place.  Of course, if you live in the area you would probably recognize it but, in that case, you are, no doubt, a nice person.

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