Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Border Challenges

I have had another busy day.  A customer dropped off a quilt and I've kept myself at the frame working on the one there.  I just have the two side borders to do which will be a bit of a challenge as they are longer than my frame is wide.
I didn't realize that the hydro was out in a lot of areas yesterday evening.  Our lights flickered a few times so we had to reset the clocks but that was it.  Our home town, Orillia, has flooded streets and there were a lot of trees down in other communities.
Tomorrow a quilting friend and I take our turn to volunteer staff at the Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Centre (check it out on Facebook and website).  It not likely will be very busy so it will be nice to relax a bit.  Of course, time goes faster if there are lots of customers so that will be alright as well.
Don't forget to stay tuned for info on the fabric draw.

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