Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wrong Lenses.

Well this has been an interesting day.  Before I was able to see the optometrist, I had the 2 egg deliveries and then, afterwards, had an appointment to have my eyes checked again.  I got a bit of shopping done and then went back to the optometrists.  In the meantime, they had discovered that the wrong prescription had been used on my glasses.  Instead of the new one, the computer sent the previous one.  I wondered why they hadn't been any improvement in my vision.  I was glad to find out that neither had I lost my mind nor had the eye doctor not done her job. 
I had another check up to make sure there wasn't any changes and the new prescription was sent off.  It will be interesting to see how much improvement there will be with the new lenses.
From supper time onward, we had a steady stream of company.  The last people just left, I am getting this written and then hubby and I are going to relax.
I must take a picture of the trees on the road way.  We are getting quite a bit of fall colour.
I am planning on putting together some of the batik fabric for a draw this weekend and then I will be announcing the rules.

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