Thursday, August 4, 2016


Had a 'to do' list today with 4 things I wanted to accomplish.  I needed to get them done in the morning before the temperature went up too high in the studio.  I managed to do all but one.  I got the photos for my latest magazine submission sent in, wrote in the instructions for a pattern that was sold to a magazine and did some work on the quilt that s on the frame.
After lunch I went outside to watch a dead tree be taken down.  It was, at a guess, about 80 feet tall and just on the other side of the driveway by the house.  If it toppled in a windstorm, it would have taken out pretty much all of the roof.  Hubby had noticed a rotten spot on one side when he cut back some shrubbery.  We knew it hadn't been doing well as there were limbs that didn't show any leaves this year but didn't realize how bad it was.  After it was felled, we saw that it was in even worse condition.There was a rotten hole right through the centre of the trunk.  We don't know how far up the tree that went as Hubby hasn't started cutting it yet but scary nonetheless.
One of our friends came over to remove the tree and it was really interesting to watch someone who was experienced.  He chose the spot where he wanted it to go and that is exactly where it went.
I was outside with the dog in case it did go the wrong way.  I also took the camera and got a couple of pictures.  The last one shows the tree as it was falling.  Scary and exciting at the same time.
We have a few more to be removed but they aren't as big as this one or as close to the house.

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