Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Fabric Draw?

We are back to having a heat wave again.  It seems we have a week of hot, a few days of normal and then back to the hot.  We got some outside work done during the break this time.  Hubby has been adjusting the mudroom which got a bit off kilter with the freezing and thawing and I took the opportunity to pull weeds.
I have also been getting caught up on my quilting (not the BOD though).  I am ready to put the borders on this month's Island Batik challenge and have the blocks made for another batik quilt I am making with some of the fabric left over from the various monthly challenges.  I am thinking of having another draw.  I will let you know.
We are going out to visit some friends tonight and then tomorrow I am off to see the optometrist.  I think a mistake was made in my prescription because I can see objects that are 15-20 feet away clearer without the glasses.  Or perhaps my eyesight has improved.  Unlikely.
Looking forward to Thursday when we are going to an area campground where a quilting friend and her are staying.  We will be able to go swimming for the first time this year as well as enjoy a barbecue.  As the temps are predicted to be in the 30's Celsius, lakeside will be the place to be.

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