Friday, August 12, 2016

Ahh, Rain!

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday.  A friend has a camper at a nearby campground and invited us over for a barbecue and swim.  Both were wonderful.  We haven't been swimming for a couple of years and I had forgotten how much I love the water.  It was nice to spend a bit of time visiting with good friends and relaxing.
Today I got quite a bit accomplished as the temperatures were a bit cooler.  I finished the quilt that was on the frame and loaded another.  Also did the last bit of applique on the Island Batik challenge quilt that will be part of a blog hop. 
We received notice yesterday that the laminate we ordered for our floors was in so hubby went and picked that up.  It is still in the van so we will have to get that in the house.  I am looking forward to having the floor done but it won't happen until the weather stays cool for a bit.  There always seems to be lots to do when you own a home, isn't there.
I still haven't decided about the fabric give away but hang in.  I will let you know soon.
We had a nice bit of rain today but can still use a lot more. 
If you read my blog on Facebook you might not be away that I have free patterns for those who are making charity quilts plus other links you might find interesting.
Have a great weekend.

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