Friday, July 29, 2016

Christmas in July

I just finished this wall quilt.  It was made with Island Batik ( fabrics and was our July challenge.  The pattern was adapted from Celebrate Christmas which was in this month's issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I cannot remember the name of the designer and can't find the pattern at the moment.  As soon as I locate it, I will give her the credit.
(Thanks to the folk at TQPM for refreshing my memory the designer is Rochelle Martin)
We spent quite a bit of time today picking the wild blueberries, raspberry, pin and choke cherries that grow on our property.  Actually, quite a few of them, came from my sister's place.  We do very well with the raspberries and blackberries (which aren't ripe yet) but not as well with the others.
I think that will do it for Christmas for now.  I need to start thinking about getting things ready for the fall fair which will  be happening in a month.
Just a huge round of excitement here in the back woods.


  1. Very nice, Anna. I should have picked raspberries today, but the sewing room wouldn't let me out,,,

  2. The pattern "Celebrate Christmas" is by Rochelle Martin. Very nicely done, Anna! Looks great in Island Batik fabrics!

  3. My friends blackberries are finished and mine aren't even ripe yet!