Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Surgery Plus One

Yesterday, a friend drove hubby and I to North Bay for his hip replacement surgery.  We had to be out the door by 6.45 a.m. so it was an early start to the day.  The operation went well although a bit longer than expected as the freezing had to be changed to anesthesia.  This is the second time he has had an operation where this method didn't take.  Obviously, he has some sort of a resistance.  I am going to find out what it is so we can have it noted in case he ever has to have any more surgery.
I got home before 5.  Our little dog was so glad to see me she pushed her head into my arm and whined.  I don't think she has ever done that before.  A neighbour had been in to see her a couple of times so she had had her out times but she just not like her pack to be away.
Hubby is expected to be home tomorrow or Friday at the latest.  I think Thurs. is a bit early but he is already up and moving.  Physio also started today so if he mobile enough, I guess he will be off to pick him up tomorrow.
I didn't go out for the eggs after I got home so I had a nice pile of them today.  Chickens have been fed and watered, wood brought into the shed and I have even got a bit of quilting done.  I am trying to get caught up on those daily blocks again.  I think everyone would have found this challenge a lot easier if it were only 5 days a week.  Still, another month has gone by and I am hanging in.
Thank you to everyone who have sent their wishes and prayers for us.  It is appreciated.

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