Thursday, March 17, 2016

Super Sized Eggs

We have one hen that lays supersized eggs.  The others in the carton are large and medium but three of them are so big they don't even have a designation.  They are double and, sometimes, triple yolkers.  You have to feel sorry for the hen that lays them.

These happy women and one young lady are choosing their fabrics for today's applique class.  I teach them monthly how to applique using the back basting method and today was the second lesson.  I took my Island Batik fabrics for them to look at and then they were able to select some pieces from ones I had pre cut.  The young girl was on spring break and came with her mother.  She had brought a simple sewing project with her.  It is good to see that the art of creating with fabric and thread is continuing on.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I have two Irish ancestors on my father's side who came to America on the Mayflower with their families and, later, married.

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