Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Free Block

Yesterday was a really long day and by the time we got home, we were exhausted.  we left the house at 8.45 and returned just before 4 p.m..  Most of the time we were in meetings or waiting to be in meetings.  We have to trek to North Bay again on the 24th for another meeting and then on the 29th when hubby has his operation.
Busy month but I am so glad he is finally getting this done.
I have been getting a lot of sewing done today.  I am working on one of the kits that I had put together a while ago.  It is an easy pattern and goes together quickly.
I have got behind on the 365 blocks again so will work on them tomorrow.
Below is another easy block and is great for using scraps.

The ‘L’ Block




 The size for this block is easily changed.  I will give you two sizes.

For a 6” block, cut a 7” X 7” square of fabric.

Cut a 2 ½” strip from one side of the square, and a 2 ½” strip from an adjoining side. 

Repeat for the desired number of blocks you want for your top.

As you cut, place the short strip in one pile, the longer in another and the left over square in another

To make your block, choose a square from the pile, 1 short strip and 1 longer strip. Sew the short strip to one side of the square and the long to an adjoining side.  Press.


For a 4” block, start with a 5” square and repeat the steps above cutting a 1 ½ strip from the two sides.


You can use two strips from the same fabric on the sides or two different.  Use a variety of fabric but half should be dark and the other light.


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