Thursday, March 10, 2016

Freezing Fog?

Our weather report says we are going to have freezing fog.  What does that look like, I wonder?  Will the air shatter as I walk through it?  If the fog,  which is mist, freezes won't it just be laying on the ground?  Hmmm.
I was working on a mini quilt for Island Batik today.  I changed my mind a number of times about what I was going to make and finally decided on a version of disappearing nine patch.  Not very innovative but I think the colour choices and layout add a bit of individuality to it.
I should have started off the day by doing the 365 block but I didn't so will do that now.  I can't do a lot of sewing today as I hurt my wrist.  I have arthritis in that one and when I was out clearing up Heidi's souvenir's I hit some ice with the shovel and gave my wrist a bad jar.  Fortunately, I can still use the machine and rotary cutter but not scissors.

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