Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Quilt Finished.

I finished adding the binding to this quilt and it is now ready to list on my Quilts for Sale page.  It is a nice cheerful quilt, designed my Isobel Meekins, that should add a homey touch to someones house.

It has been a beautiful sunny day today although the melting snow is revealing a muddy driveway.  Heidi and I went out for our usual walk and she was trying really hard not to get her tiny feet wet.  I had been working on getting my studio tidied up again so it was nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Hubby is going to try and start tapping for syrup tomorrow.  A friend from church is going to come over and give him a hand as walking though snow is really hard on his bad hip.  We have so many appointments booked for next few weeks that I am going to have to make sure all the calendars are coordinated so I don't double book a day.

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