Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Storm Warning.

We have a winter storm watch with heavy snow, wind and, later, possible freezing rain.  We were supposed to be at Bible Study tonight but the people who host it are in the midst of kidding season.  Not telling jokes, but the birth of baby goats.  They were concerned about the hydro going out (which it has three times since Christmas) so they wanted to get prepared.  Water is the main concern and as we are on wells in this area if there is no electricity the pumps don't work.
We have also filled up some buckets so we can flush the toilets.  All this prep should pretty much ensure that nothing happens but it is good to be ready.
I hope the freezing rain doesn't happen as we are supposed to be going north on Thurs. for the last pre op.  Hubby is almost ready.  He got in extra food for the chickens today so I don't have to do that.  I have to get sheets on the guest bed as that is where he will be sleeping because it is the highest one.  He won't need it until late next week but, if I have to stay overnight in North Bay for any reason, Heidi's caregiver will be able to stay over.
Lots of things to think about.
I am planning on being able to spend tomorrow sewing.  I was busy today doing house stuff but did get the fabric cut for the 365 blocks that need to be done.  I wonder if anyone is actually getting one done every day.
When hubby's operation is over and things settle back to normal, I am going to be having a draw of some sort so stay tuned for that.
In the meantime, if you are in the central part of Ontario stay safe.  Well, I hope you stay safe no matter where you live.

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