Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Worth While Sacrifice

We had another power outage today.  We went to Huntsville for some shopping as hubby had to get a few things to use after his operation.  When we got home, there wasn't any electricity.  It did come on an hour or so later and I used the time in between to get ready for the applique class I am teaching tomorrow.
I am getting way behind in my quilting but I need to accept that this is going to happen with all the extra appointments and travelling we are having to do at the moment.  It is amazing how much preparation there is for an operation like this.  Workers come over to check out the house and see what adjustments need to be made for sitting and sleeping (a chair needs to be changed and he is going to be using the guest room bed as it is higher), home care workers phone with information, surgeon's office phone with information, appointments are made to get even more information.  And, of course, multiple trips are being made to the hospital where the big event takes place.  Those trips entail arranging for the dog to be let out and making sure the chickens are looked after before we leave in case there is a delay getting back.
None of this matters when it means he is finally going to be getting relief from the pain he has lived with for so long.  Neither of us are able to imagine what it is going to be like for him to be able to walk and sit without extreme discomfort.
So, if it means I have to forgo some quilting to help in getting this done, it is a very tiny price.  Besides, I am sure I will have plenty of time to catch up when he is in recovery and I am staying close to home being the caregiver.

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