Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I seem to have forgot ton to post on Tues. again.  Must be something to do with the long weekend I usually give myself:  by the time Tuesday comes around my mind is on other things.  No need for me to give you a hint as to what it might be.
We woke to an extra foot of snow this morning.  It was very light but still took a good bit of time to just clear a space for the dog to do her thing and the walk way.  The problem now is that there isn't anywhere to put the stuff.  Our plow guy is having trouble as well.  Our driveway is barely as wide as my car and it is next to impossible to see around the snow piled at the entrance.  I keep hoping that my car being red will be noticed as I creep ever closer onto the road.
The conditions in the village weren't a great deal better.  The roads had been cleared but if a extra wide vehicle had come along either they or the one coming in the opposite direction would have had to stop as close to the right as possible.
I saw an unusual sight while driving into the village.  I could see something coming toward me on the road but not just what it was.  As I got closer, I saw that it was a herd of horses.  I stopped while trying to decide what might be best to do but they made their own decision and went up the driveway opposite to where I had stopped.  I drove on to the farm nearby to let them know where the escapees were.
I took the barn photo on the way home.  I have been wanting to take the picture for some time but kept forgetting to take my camera or the weather/light was wrong.  Today was perfect: new snow, beautiful blue sky.
The other photo shows the snowfall.  The car and driveway were clear when I went to bed. 
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