Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It Has Arrived

It has been a rainy, grey day with dense fog.  I went into the village to have lunch with a couple of friends and there were places on the road driving in where I could hardly see much past the front of the car.  I had a couple of stops after the long, relaxing meal and then went to the post office where I saw notice that I had a parcel.  My Island Batik ( fabric had arrived!
This photo was taken after I opened some of the packages.  As you can see, everything is  neatly wrapped and tied and I hate to undo them.  I have put them back in the shipping box while I do some other work tonight but tomorrow I am going to take them out again and get started on my first project.
It was lovely that this colourful treat arrived to brighten up the dreary weather.

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