Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ides of March.

  This mini quilt is the first project I have made with my Island Batik fabrics and is part of the Mini March Madness challenge.  This little table centrepiece is 22" X 22".  I am not sure if you can see that I used two different fabrics for the binding one lime and the other a mid green shade.  I often use more than one fabric for binding especially if it is a scrappy which a lot of my quilts are.
We had rain overnight some our snow has dropped a few more inches here in the back woods.  Hubby is leaving the chicken coop door open that leads to their run.  They won't come out while there is still snow on the ground but it does give them some fresh air.  I can see the coop from my studio window and every so often a chicken head peaks out.
I notice the birds are also showing signs of impending spring.  The are zipping around in pairs and generally acting twitterpated as Flower said in the story about Bambi.
I have been fighting with my camera today.  It has been acting up for a while now and it just doesn't want to upload the photos.  I had to resort to taking this picture with my tablet and sending it to myself.  Drop box also isn't cooperating so I am wondering if something needs to be reloaded.  Not today though.  I have enough to do.  Of course, it could all be because it is the 15th.

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