Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Poor Heidi

We have been taking turns doggy sitting today.  Heidi went for her yearly checkup and shots this morning and, despite taking an anti allergen, she still reacted badly.  Hubby sat with her while I did some quilting and then I took a turn.  We wanted to keep an eye on her in case she was in trouble.  She is starting to seem better now, looks more alert, had something to drink and went outside.
Her check up was good but she does need to lose a couple of pounds.  It isn't her dog food that is the problem but all the extra treats.  We are going to have to stop them or at least cut back a good bit.  She is too small to let her weight get out of control
Tomorrow we are off to North Bay were hubby sees the surgeon who is going to do his hip replacement.  We hope to get a date for the operation soon.  Heidi will be having a spa day.  She needs a trim. Her hair has got quite long and her nails need trimming as well.
We expect to come home and find a spiffy little dog.
It has been quite warm today and is supposed to be well into the plus side tomorrow.  Strange winter.

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