Friday, February 12, 2016

Free Pattern, A Correction and More Hints

We have an extreme cold weather warning throughout our area but it hasn't been bad today.  I was able to get out for our walk and took some photos on the return trip.  It has been a bit of a frustrating day as the tension on my machine is acting up.  I have tried a number of things without resolving it so now will take everything apart and make sure there isn't anything caught where it shouldn't be.  I was working on the Block of the Day project as I was trying to correct the machine.  I got one of the block pieces finished and was trimming it to size and cut it wrong.  Now I have to make more of those tiny one inch sections.  I decided I wasn't getting anywhere and worked on the frame quilt for a while until I ran out of bobbin thread. 
Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.
Here is the pattern I promised.  You can either hand or machine applique it.  When I was very young, I had a quilt with appliqued rabbits on it and have always wanted to make one myself.  You can get the pattern by right clicking on it and choosing 'print' from the menu.  If you have problems let me know and I will send it to you.
I have been told (and found out for myself) that the link I gave for the rotary blades doesn't work.  If you put ormkraft rotary blades in your search engine, it will take you to their Facebook page where you can order.  Or, the email address is:

Free Pattern
Mr. Rabbit
Here is a photo of my latest baby quilt.  Everyone loves owls.  This one is machine and hand quilted.
Owl Baby Quilt

I found these handy hangers at one of the dollar stores.  Great for scissors and other items.

Handy Hanger
This is how I store my panels.  I like to have my fabric where I can see it otherwise I forget what I have.  the hangers are the same as what you use for skirts or slacks.  Love my wood plank walls.  Always somewhere to put a nail!

Panel Organization

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