Friday, February 5, 2016

Stay at Home Mom

It is snowing so heavily right now that I can barely see the end of our driveway.  I can't remember if this was predicted but it is happening.  I have had a nice day quilting.  Hubby went out in the afternoon to play cards and Heidi went for her spa so I had the house to myself.  Not that either of them do anything to impede my quilting but there is always a special feeling of freedom knowing you are the only living being at home. As much as I enjoy it, I as glad when I saw the van turn onto the driveway.  I like knowing everyone is safe in our rural nest.
After the Snow Storm
I got a friends quilt listed on the Quilts for Sale site, loaded a top onto the frame and sorted out a few odds and ends.  I had made a stew earlier in the day and it has been cooking on the woodstove all afternoon.  We will have it for supper.
Everybody was back home for 4.00; husband to tell he had been the high scorer and Heidi looking spiffy.  I felt like a stay at home wife and mother.  Which, I guess, I am.
I was rereading some of my earlier blogs looking for some information and realized I had not posted a free block in some time  I will remedy that and get something for you next week.
Hope you have a good weekend.  It is Family Day here on Monday so a long weekend for some people.  Whatever you do, have a wonderful and safe time.

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