Thursday, February 25, 2016

Making Lemonade.

The day has arrived.  I just received notification that my beautiful Island Batik fabrics are about to be shipped. They are coming from the US so it will take a few days for them to get here but it is going to be like the best of Christmas' when they arrive.  I will also be told what I will receive before they are sent so the anticipation will be even greater.
I will be able to share some of them with you but not all as some of the fabric won't be released to the stores until later in the year.
I also finished the quilt top I was working on and just have a couple more rows before the one that is one the frame is finished.  I got all the fabric cut for my next project earlier today so lots of quilting accomplished.
We had about half a foot of snow yesterday and, after the snow plow guy left, I went out and did a path for Heidi and cleared the walk by the house.  I can only do a bit of lifting of the light snow because of my whiplash injury but I do enjoy doing what I can.  It is frustrating to have my activities limited as I have the energy and strength but if I overdo it, I have to go in for a treatment.
A funny thing happened earlier today.  I was in my studio when I heard my husband make one of those noises that cause you to ask 'what happened'.  He had dropped the jar of peanut butter on the floor and, as the lid was off, it caused a mess.  A few minutes later, he called the dog to clean up the residue.  I hollered out 'put a pill in it'.  Heidi has to take half an allergy pill each day and I always put it in a bit of peanut butter so she will swallow it without problem. 
I went back to my work and shortly after hubby called to let me know that 'Heidi has had her pill'.  That is what you call a good case of making lemonade from lemons.

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