Friday, January 29, 2016

Is This Old Age?

I think I really must be at that time of life referred to as 'old age'!  I looked at the last post, saw that it was dated for Thurs. and wondered why I hadn't written anything for Friday.  Duh moment when I realized today was Friday.
I can probably cut myself a bit of slack as it has been a momentous day. I received notice today that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for Island Batik.  Batiks, for those of you who aren't quilters, is a fabric that is created by a different process than the usual method of dying. The result is a high grade fabric with beautiful rich colours.  I use them in my hand quilting because they don't fray like other fabrics. 
I have been purchasing them when they are on sale as I would love to use them for a pieced quilt.  Now, I will be able to do that without worrying about the cost.  To say I am excited is an understatement.  I really had to make myself calm down so I could get my other work done.
It has been quite cool today but sunny.  Heidi and I went for our afternoon walk after I refilled the bird feeders.  I didn't want to talk her out to long as I have misplaced her little pink bootees and didn't want her feet to get cold.
We have a new bakery with small restaurant open up in the village so tomorrow hubby and I are going to go in for lunch.  They do gluten free which will be so nice for those who have a restricted diet.  I am hoping they will also have wheat free as well.  It is hard to go find something acceptable at any commercial eatery other than bacon and eggs or salad.
Enjoy your weekend.

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