Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Wasted Trip

It started out to be a normal day.  I needed to get fuel for the car, a few groceries and return a purse I had bought so left for Huntsville just before ten.  The roads were a bit messy and every time a car passed I had to use the washer fluid but I made it to the stores without incidence.  First stop was Walmart and the Customer Service counter.  While there I opened my hand bag to get my wallet and discovered I didn't have it.  I had left it at home.  Fortunately, the money I got for the returned purse paid for the two items I needed most and then I returned home.  Also fortunate was that I still had enough fuel.
Hubby had offered to bring my wallet to Huntsville but as it is an hour round trip, I told him not to bother.  I get the other items I need in the village on my trip to get the mail.
I would put this down to advancing age but I did the same thing many years ago.  That time, however, I lived in the same community as the place I was shopping.
I got started on my new quilt today.  I have changed the pattern a bit from the original and also simplified the cutting and sewing method.  The first block is finished and I really like it.
It should go together fairly quickly as the blocks are 20 inches.  The finished quilt will be for a single bed.

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