Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Gift from the Grands.

I finished the blocks for the new quilt I am making.  I just have to decide on the fabric for the corner blocks and then I can do the border.  This is a really quick pattern because the blocks are 20"  square-6 blocks and you have a top.  I think these big blocks are a great idea for those who would like a quick project so I have designed  one myself.  I hope to get it up and ready for purchase shortly.
The sun was lovely here today and I went out to get some exercise and fresh air in the mid afternoon.  I played 'chase the ball' with the dog  and shovelled her path where she does her toilet duties.  The snow was quite light and easy to move so I didn't have to worry about hurting anything.
We got a lovely card from the grandchildren today.  It had two handprints on it and when you opened them (they were like a flap and fastened at the top) it revealed each of their faces blowing a kiss.
Inside they had written a message to us.  We will leave it on the china cabinet where we can see it when we are in the kitchen and living room. Later, it will be added to our collection of other things from them.

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