Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Bugs.

I wasn't looking forward to the drive north today as the weather was changing so drastically.  The pounding rain, which turned into freezing rain and then snow woke me up through the night.  This morning, I had to force the back door open against the snow that had drifted.  Hubby then went out with the shovel to make a path for Heidi to take care of her business. We left a bit earlier than we normally allow and it was a good thing we did.  Getting out the driveway and then down the street was challenging.  From there it wasn't bad but I kept watching the thermometer drop which was nerve wracking given that the roads were so wet. Fortunately, it got warmer and then really warm for the trip home.  The driveway hadn't been plowed yet and we got stuck in the usual place; where the hill curves and the van is still there.  It is supposed to be colder tomorrow so hubby should be able to back down and get some more traction for the return trip up.
I haven't done anything since coming home other than making supper.  Can't even get up the energy to quilt.
Little Heidi is still not back to being her peppy self but should be by tomorrow.
The weather did make driving conditions difficult but the scenery has been lovely.  The snow was sticking to the evergreens and it looked just like a Christmas card every where we went.
I was supposed to be teaching the applique class that got postponed last week but it has been changed once again as there is another lady beside myself who is stuck in the driveway. Still not complaining.  It is all better than flying bugs!

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