Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fabric Give Away

Would you like to win some beautiful Island Batik fabric?  Of course, you would.  Who wouldn't? For more information on the blog hop and how you can enter, go to:  www.islandbatik.com/news
I have been feeling a bit dull, quilting wise and decided I needed to start a new project.  I have been working on baby and crib quilts for quite a while as well as the block of the day challenge and was beginning to feel I was working and not creating.  I thought I would make one of the quilts on my to do list but it involved a lot of half square triangles and I have got a bit tired of them.  Nearly all the BOD have multiples of them.
I decided to do one from a book I bought while ago (Super Size 'Em) and have chosen the fabric and started cutting the pieces.  I am looking forward to this one and I really haven't felt like that for a bit.
Some quilts have to be done if I am going to have any kind of a business and, usually, I enjoy making them.  However, when I am no longer excited about quilting, it is time to take a step back.

We had another power outage on the weekend.  It went out just after midnight Saturday and didn't come back on until 2.30 p.m.  Our church service had to be cancelled and the brunch the men were cooking for us was postponed.  The temperature had dropped to minus 37 C (minus 44 with wind chill) and I guess either there was an overload or some lines snapped.  The woodstove wasn't able to keep all our house warm so we closed off the quilt room (after moving the houseplants into the main part), huddled under some quilts and read.  We were fortunate as our water lines didn't freeze and neither did we.  We were even able to cook the roast we had planned for supper.
We are now back to much warmer temperatures.

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