Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Top Done

Eastern Ontario is getting one of those end of the season storms that arrive to remind you it is still winter.  It hasn't been bad in our area; just snow, but south of us has had freezing rain and everything else mixed in.  I stayed indoors and quilted.  This block is from a top I am just finishing.  I am now trying to decide on the border.
I also started cutting fabric for my next project.  I could work on one of the many kits I have made but that doesn't seem as much fun as starting over.  I am using up some fabric that was given to me.  Other than the black, that is also what was used in the top I have just done.  I am have been trying to come up with an idea for all the batiks I have as well.   I have been saving/collecting them for a long time and then had a bunch given to me so there is enough to do a good sized quilt. 
Hubby went to North Bay on Monday for one of his pre operation appointments and has another one booked for early next month.  This one will involve the blood work, x rays etc.
We have been discussing what to do about maple syrup season this year.  He won't be able to do any of the tapping and gathering so we are going to see if a friend would like to help and get half the syrup in return.  So many people have volunteered to help with the chickens and other duties that we could have a different person each week for a long time.  People are so kind.

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