Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Block Coming.

If you live anywhere in Canada but the province of British Columbia, I hope you didn't take Monday off believing, after reading Friday's post,  it was a holiday.  I was a week early.  Ontario's Family Day observance is this coming Mon the 15th.  See that is what happens when you are retired; one day is the same as another. (Thank you to an alert reader who pointed out my error.)
Yesterday and today I have been working at getting caught up on my BOD.  I started with the ones that seemed easier and immediately ran into problems.  A step was missed in two blocks that were made the same way.  Got those sorted out and completed another one that was similar.  The next three were even easier.  Completed two and then got stuck on the third which was a simple Hourglass.  I got the block made but trimmed it incorrectly.  I did the same thing on the second one.
Rather than throw my sewing machine out the window, I took the dog for a walk.  I know it was the ruler's fault and not the machine but tossing the latter would have been more dramatic.
I think I will work on the quilt that is on the frame for a while and give my brain a chance to recuperate.
I am planning on a free block for Friday and it won't be the Hourglass.

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