Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where is the Driver?

Honestly, I can't decide if this memory thing is amusing or just plain irritating.  I went with my husband to Huntsville today and while he was at a doctor's appointment I went shopping.  I bought some fabric, of course, and as I was paying for it, I forgot the PIN number for my debit card.  I have used the same one hundreds of times without thought but, today everything disappeared into some dark hole.  Fortunately, it did come back and I was able to slink out the door with my purchases clutched in my feeble hands.
Next stop was fueling the car.  Hubby had been picked up and was in shopping as I went to the gas bar.  I navigated all the tricky bits and came back to the car-to the passenger side.  I was just about to open the door and get in when I realized I was the driver.  I looked at the lady in the vehicle behind mine and just shook my head.  She smiled and asked if I had forgotten I was driving.  I agreed and said that I did wonder what had happened to my husband.
Fortunately there weren't any further incidences and I was able to drive us both home remembering not only the route but how to drive. But, my mind, or lack of it, wasn't finished yet.  Hubby and I were synchronizing our calendars so he wouldn't be out on the same day as me  leaving our dog alone for too long when I realized I had a major oops.  I had an appointment scheduled with a specialist and I wrote it on the calendar.  Unfortunately, I seemed to have only written down the time and the word Dr.  As I have a couple of other medical visits scheduled, I have no idea which one was at the hospital.  I am going to have to phone them tomorrow.
I think I am soon going to have to wear a name tag in case I forget who I am.

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