Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Read the Package Label First.

Whether quilting or baking (or anything else) it never pays to be in an a rush.  Mistakes can happen which are time consuming and, often, expensive.  I was adding the last few ingredients to my bread mix earlier and was wondering why it wasn't as runny as usual.  When cooking with almond flour,  the dough consistency is much different that with regular flour but not this morning.  I rechecked my directions because as I quadruple the recipe, it is easy to make a mistake.  Everything looked okay.  If I had been a cartoon character, you would have seen a light bulb appear over my head with the  words uh oh in a bubble.  Checked the almond flour bag and found what I suspected-I used coconut flour. Same bag, different ingredient.  Coconut flour absorbs moisture like a sponge.  Well, I wasn't going to waste all that money so I now have (I hope) coconut loaf, cupcakes and a base for either squares or some sort of topping.  And, of course, I still have to make bread!
When this type of mistake occurs, sometimes the results can be surprising.  I did a taste test after baking and it all seems alright. I even made date squares (without a topping) from the base for squares.  The loaf will even be okay for bread so I only have to make one  tomorrow which goes to a lady for whom I bake.
New quilt patterns have been created from the same situation.  I guess this is another case of making lemon pie from lemons.  Okay, I know the saying uses lemonade but as I am taking about baking, I thought pie made more sense.

A friend of mine has started a new venture.  She wanted to hand make some cards for a special occasion and realized she was going to have to buy a lot of stuff some of which would be excess.  Realizing that others may want to make cards but not want  all the left over stuff, she has put together kits.  Everything a person needs to make their own individual greeting cards, wedding invitations etc. is in one neat package.  If interested, the company name is Karla's Card Kits.  She has a web site.

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