Thursday, June 25, 2015

Customer Service

Today, I would like to tell you about a company I really like. I have used Vista Print for business cards for both my company and for our local Art Centre (I am the publicity/promotions person), name stamps, and signs.  I can honestly say that the products and price are great.  You can, however, get good products in a number of places.  What sets this company apart, in my opinion, is the customer service.  If there is a problem, they fix it or give you a credit-no questions asked and without having to return the product.  If you need help, it is available.  Yesterday I called because I wasn't sure how to do something.  The rep not only answered my question but gave suggestions on how to improve the appearance of product I was ordering.
We all have so many options on where we spend our money.  The internet has enabled us to shop world wide from the convenience of our home.  Business owners have to (or should) work had to attract and keep customers.  When all else is equal, service will be the deciding factor for me.  If a company doesn't return phone calls, reply to e mails or not have a person to answer a phone-quickly, I will go somewhere else.  Customer service should mean the customer is served.
Do you have a favourite company? Do you have a rant about one?  Let me know and I will share it with my readers changing names if necessary to avoid lawsuit.

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  1. I can think of a couple of favorites (I don't think there is any need to worry about lawsuits). First is Electric Quilt. A great product, and outstanding customer service. A real person answers the phone. They are so friendly and helpful.
    The second is Consumer Cellular. I've been with them for about 6 months. Their US-based support is also outstanding. My previous cellular provider tech support--I couldn't understand them and they couldn't understand me. And it costs half of what we were paying before! (If I talked about the previous provider--then you'd have to worry about a lawsuit!)