Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sun Spots

We have just gone through an hour of watching the sky.  This area had a tornado warning as did much of southern Ontario so we were staying together in one room and waiting.  We have a couple of problems in these situations.  One is that we don't have a basement and the other is that we really can't see much of the sky for all the trees.  However, it did pass and we can get back to normal.
Our little dog, as they often do, sensed something was wrong and wanted to be picked up.  It is odd that dogs have the same reaction as a small child when they feel something is wrong: they want to be picked up.
This is my little crib quilt, Sun Spots.  I finished the binding on it this morning and it will be going on the Quilts for Sale site shortly.  The pattern is from the MSQC and the original is called Floating Squares.  And now, on to the next project.

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