Friday, June 19, 2015

An Amazing Evening

I just finished a marathon quilting session.  I completed the quilting of the crib quilt and got the binding sewn on ready to finish tomorrow.  I am helping to staff our art centre and it is a good opportunity to do some hand sewing as it usually isn't busy until the summer months get here.
The two panel's I ordered arrived in the mail today so I will be able to get at them next week.  One is for a quilt that is already sold so it will be first.
Hubby and I are going out this evening.  There is a free music cafĂ© in the village Legion every third Friday and it is a fantastic evening.  We have a tremendous amount of talent in this area and there is a waiting list for those who want to be part of the evening.  This is amazing as no-one gets paid.  A free will offering is taken but that goes to our food bank or other charities.
The Legion serves a dinner before the music starts which is at a reasonable cost and the money goes to the Legion.
 I was just saying to dear one that we need to book a day for ourselves.  Between work, medical appointments and volunteer things, we never seem to have any time for us.
Hope you have a great weekend,

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