Friday, June 12, 2015

Publisher's Rights

This has been one of those dreary days when the sun spends its time in another area and trades its presence for rain. It is 14 degrees and feels cooler.  It is, however, a good day for getting things accomplished because there is no pull to be outdoors.
I have a huge pot of stew in the slow cooker, hemmed some sheer curtain panels, designed and ordered business cards for the art centre and diddled around at a few other things.
I have just received permission from MSQC to sell a quilt using one of their patterns.  Designer's are  pleased to give permission as it helps promote their work but I always ask.  It may seem a bit odd asking if it is okay to sell something you have made and paid for yourself but, in reality, a pattern is sold to a consumer on the understanding it is for personal use. 
In this era when songs are downloaded, written material photocopied and someone else's ideas used without thought of compensation or recognition, it is uncommon for anyone to do the right thing.  As both a writer and pattern designer, I know what it is like for someone to, basically, steal my property.
I once wrote a column for a newspaper and discovered it was being used in a different publication.  When I approached the editor about it, he said he thought I wouldn't mind as it was publicity.  Publicity is a good thing but so is courtesy and it would only have taken him a moment to ask.  I now make sure that anyone who publishes my work knows that it is only for that particular magazine/newspaper. 
I am sure my patterns get photocopied and handed around despite my stating on them that it is illegal to do so. I doubt if the time will come when all artists will stop producing original work as we all enjoy what we do.  However, there will be less and less that can afford to do so without having another full time job which will result in less production. And that will be a shame.

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