Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Grumpy Staff

It seemed to be a bad day for clerks today.  I went into town to get some much needed fabric and groceries and was waited on by a couple of women who were not at their best.  At the fabric store (a major chain), I asked the lady who was cutting my fabric if there was a sale and she said 'probably'.  I asked if she could check and away she went.  She was gone for a bit and then came back to let me know there wasn't.  Finished getting my fabric cut, took it to the checkout and all of a sudden she was in a wonderful mood.  I couldn't figure out what happened for a second and then I noticed that the boss was nearby.  That is the first time I met anyone in that place that wasn't cheerful as well as helpful.
On to the grocery store:  I always try to get all the items for the freezer bags on the counter first so it is easier for the clerk.  This one proceeded to put non food items in the freezer bags and the perishables in the regular ones.  I kept exchanging things and she finally seemed to get the idea.  She also packed the groceries on top of the bags that were still inside the other bags.  Again, the employees of that store are usually very professional.

All that aside, it has been a nice day.  After I got home and put everything away, I took Heidi for a walk.  The bugs seemed to have gone somewhere else so I didn't have to be covered head to toe.  Tomorrow, I will get back at the crib quilt panels now I have the fabric.

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