Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Mousecapade

This Saturday past, I had a vicious animal in my kitchen which caused me to bring in assistance from a local knight in flannel armour.
I was reaching for my cookbook when I heard something on the floor.  When I looked down, I saw a mouse running around in a circle.  I screamed and zipped into the other room.  Our little dog came running and I pointed to where the mouse was and she came over to stand guard while I called my husband who was, unfortunately, working.
For some reason, he didn't seem to understand my problem and suggested I make a noise like a piece of cheese to lure it from the house!  I opted for phoning a neighbour friend and she brought her husband to my rescue.
The mouse was still in the same area with Heidi watching so my mountless knight was able to get it and take it outside.
I am not usually nervous about mice but because this one seemed hurt, it really upset me.  Not sure why.  If it had been killed in a trap, I would have felt bad but not so upset.
The rest of the day proceeded normally but I am sure I will not hear the end of my mousecapade for a while.

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