Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Tar Test.

My hubby is making great progress on the new chicken coop.  The roof is on and yesterday he did the stuff that covers the wood and got the tarring done.  It should be nice and watertight for when the occupants move in.  The walls are the next step.
I had to laugh when dear one came inside as he had tar in his hair, on his clothing and face.  The latter happened when he was swatting bugs and forgot his gloves were covered in black sticky stuff.  He didn't even realize he looked as though he was getting ready to commit a burglary.  No light would have reflected from him.  He even had it in his eyebrows and lids!
I had to rub Vaseline into the tar and then Dawn dish liquid but it did come off.  His clothing is another matter.  I am not even going to try.  His shoes have nice waterproofed soles as well.  I really should have taken a photo before helping him to clean up.

I got my next crib quilt into the frame today and should have it done tomorrow and the binding sewn on.  I can finish the hand part while taking my turn at staffing our art centre.

Went in for my eye test today and found that my current prescription is still good.  I haven't had to get it changed for at least three years now so that is good.  I am tested every six months because I had laser to correct a problem a couple of years ago.  So far, so good.

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