Thursday, June 4, 2015

All is Well

After fighting with my frame machine on and off for about a week, I finally finished the quilt top.  I am now getting ready to load another which, I think, I will do with a free hand design.  I have to figure out what yet but I would like the freedom of not following a pattern after battling through the last quilt. 
Before I do anything quilty though, I am going to take the machine apart and give it a good cleaning.  This is especially necessary after having the thread break so many time because a tiny bit  may have found its way into the tension disk or the bobbin holder.
I am also pulling out fabric to start another baby quilt.  This one is slated for a local store.  I had one ready  but it sold before I got it there so now I need to do another.  Yesterday, I ordered a couple of panels from an on line store in Saskatchewan and one of them will be for the crib quilt order that I was given.
Went out and pulled some weeds from around the vegetable gardens earlier this morning.  Everything seems to be growing nicely and there are even a few surprises.  There is a potato plant coming up near the squash and a tomato in with the beets.  It is always fun when something comes up from a self planted seed.
Hubby is making headway on the chicken coop.  It is going to be a nice, spacious and safe home for our flock.  As you can see, all continues to be well here in the back woods.

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