Friday, June 5, 2015

Quick Quilt

I have had a productive day.  I got my crib quilt on the frame just before lunch and I have almost finished quilting it.  I am using free motion rather than a pantograph and it certainly is a lot quicker-and less tedious.  I only have about three more rows to do but might not get it finished today as it will be time to start supper shortly.  We are having movie night at church this evening so by the time we watch a bit of the news, it will be time to go to that.
I also got a baby quilt started but need fabric to finish the borders.  I should have bought it when I got the panel but I am glad I didn't as the store now is having a sale.
My husband has been having a lot of problems with his back this week and isn't able to stand for very long.  He usually gets supper a couple of times a week but, with his back problems and working on the chicken coop, I have been doing all the meals.
We have been getting a nice rain today.  The garden can use it as it has been a week since the last nature blessing. Everything is coming up nicely and I expect we will soon be able to use the lettuce.  Rhubarb is past.  We don't get much from our garden but it is increasing each year.
Hope you have a good weekend. 

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