Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Signs of Spring?

This happy lady is my friend, Jenny, who just completed her first quilt on my frame.  She did an excellent job and her 'monkey quilt' will, I know, be a favourite with the recipients.

I had my second acupuncture treatment today.  I do believe they are helping.  I have one more session scheduled and then they will be twice a month to see how I am doing.

I smiled when I read an on line newsletter today.  The writer asked for photos that showed signs of spring.  I am not sure if being able to see the bottom step leading from our back door would be acceptable.  When you live in a bush, you can see unmistakable signs of a changing season but how do you take a photo of the change in the colour of a trees bark, or twigs that had been buried under four feet of snow making an appearance.  I could take one of the road that goes past our property.  It is a mess of muddy ruts and very difficult to drive on.  That is another sign of spring as is the bare pavement on another road where there had been a few inches of snow and ice.
The most welcome sign of spring, however,  is the quilt shows that are happening.  I am going to one next weekend.

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